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P22 and P52

Flat Mini-PC Barebones for the latest LGA1700 processors

These three Mini-PC solutions are competing to become your enduring daily companion in almost any setting. They score points for their small size, support for the latest processors, lots of RAM, great compatibility and numerous expansion options.


Xeon-compatible Mini-PC Barebone with 4x LAN and ECC RAM support

To satisfy more than just the requirements of typical desktop applications, with the XPC Barebone SW580R8 the Taiwanese Mini-PC pioneer Shuttle is for the first time marketing a model with a cube format which impresses with features that were previously only found with traditional server and workstation products.


Mini-PC Barebone in a 4.7-litre format for two PCI Express cards

More than 20 years since the first Shuttle Mini-PC, a kind of hybrid of two worlds is presented with the XPC Barebone XH510G2. The new chassis format combines the benefits of the traditional Shuttle XPC cubes with those of the XPC slim family in the popular 3-litre format. If you wish, two power supply units will for the first time supply the power needed for modern graphics cards.


Compact quad-display solution with flexible installation options

Display a greater overview, more details and lots of information simultaneously. The DH32 Mini-PC Barebones allow up to four high-resolution monitors to be addressed. For example, they are suitable for striking applications in digital signage and busy multi-display workplaces.


Fanless Mini-PC Barebones in four power levels

The 10th generation of the mobile Intel Core processors impresses with their high performance, low energy consumption and minimal heat build-up. Integrated in Shuttle's fanless DS20 models, they are able to display their strengths particularly well.


Robust fanless PCs based on the "Jasper Lake" microarchitecture

Mini-PC pioneer Shuttle is currently marketing two space-saving Mini-PCs in a 1.3-litre format which are also very much at home away from the usual office environment. The DL20N and DL20N6 models are fanless Barebones from the "XPC slim" family in two different performance classes.


Out-of-the-box uses: Signage solution that is easy to operate

Mini-PC pioneer Shuttle presents two compact hardware solutions for “digital signage” applications. They are an attractive combination of ARM-based hardware with Android operating system, preinstalled signage player and free content management apps for iOS, Android and Windows.


Shuttle goes AMD: Space-saving Barebone for Ryzen processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2021-01-18 – Some eight years after the last AMD-based Mini-PC from Shuttle, a second processor manufacturer is once again being incorporated into the company’s own product line. As an initial model to revive this segment, Shuttle is supplying a robust 1.3-litre PC for AMD Ryzen processors with socket AM4.


Shuttle 1.3-litre PCs all set for Intel Core processors of the 10th generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2020-11-30 – following the successful launch of the 3-litre Mini-PC XH410G as Shuttle’s first model for Intel processors of the Comet Lake generation a few weeks ago, the DH410 and DH410S models are now bringing the 10th generation of Core processors to the product family of 1.3-litre Mini-PCs.


Flat 3-litre PC for PCIe x16 cards supports Intel Core processors of the 10th generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2020-11-05 – as the second model of this type and also Shuttle's first XPC product for Intel Core processors of the 10th generation, the XH410G follows in the footsteps of the renowned XH110G, which has been a huge success since when it first launched in 2017. The XH410G now continues this tradition and once again stands for flexibility, connectivity and performance per cm³.


Shuttle presents digital signage display with biometrics technology

Elmshorn, Germany, 2020-10-15 – Shuttle expands its product range for vertical markets to include a digital signage display with an elongated bar-type format. Under the name D230, the turnkey signage player has been designed specifically for shelf advertising in retail stores. An integrated camera allows target-group-specific content to be played using biometric recognition. The bright 23.1” screen can be divided into up to four segments which communicate different advertising messages directly at the POS.


Ultra-compact IoT solution for Edge Computing and automation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2020-06-18 – With the new EN01 series, the Mini-PC pioneer Shuttle is now entering the wide field of “Edge Computing”. The new product range is aimed at applications in the industrial sector and is noted for its robustness, flexible connection and expansion possibilities, DIN rail mounting and tiny dimensions. To start with, two complete PCs that are only palm-sized will be available with various hardware features.


Shuttle presents four palm-size Mini-PCs based on Whiskey Lake (Update)

Elmshorn, Germany, 2020-01-08 – Shuttle’s smallest model series, XPC nano, gets a boost. With the new NC10 series, Shuttle presents four Mini-PCs for playback of 4K content in a small footprint. The available processors of the Intel "Whiskey Lake U” generation range from an energy-saving Celeron Dual-Core to a powerful i7 Quad-Core model.