Entry-level XPC cube supports Intel Core processors of the 10th and 11th generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2022-02-18 – A professional Mini-PC solution with interesting key parameters – with its high level of performance and flexibility and balanced energy efficiency, the Shuttle Barebone SH510R4 from the XPC cube family is an ideal companion on any desk.
  • Customisable front panel design
  • Three different monitor connections
  • Chassis offers space for three drives plus NVMe SSD

The Shuttle XPC Barebone SH510R4 is based on the tried-and-tested Intel H510 chipset and supports Intel Core processors, both of the 10th (Comet Lake) and 11th generation (Rocket Lake) with the LGA1200 socket and up to 125 watt TDP.

A PCIe slot in the ×16-4.0 format and a slot in the ×1-3.0 format provide plenty of space for graphics cards, network cards, I/O cards, data mediums or professional AV cards.

Two M.2 slots make it possible to add SSDs and additional modules, for example for WLAN or LTE. Thanks to the PCI Express connection on the latest generation, large quantities of data can be transported in a short time via both slots.

Modern professional applications are known to consume a particularly large amount of memory. With two slots and 64 GB of RAM in total, this Mini-PC can handle any demanding task.

The aluminium chassis, which measures just 32.9 x 21.6 x 19.0 cm, offers space for two internal 3.5" drives. An open 5.25" drive slot also makes it possible to install an optical drive or any slots from third-party manufacturers in this size.

Three different graphics outputs, both with digital and analogue signals, offer great flexibility in the choice of displays. The SH510R4 features an HDMI 2.0b*, DisplayPort 1.4 and VGA port.

To keep the desk tidy and create more space, this XPC cube can also easily be placed slightly away from the area you are working in. A remote power-on connection enables a remote start using pins on the back and any two-pin cable plus button.

To guarantee reliable operation even when under a high load, the SH510R4 combines Shuttle's established heat pipe cooling with clever airflow channelling. A speed-controlled fan adapts to the system load and ambient conditions.

The front panel on the R4 model range measures 19×10 cm and offers plenty of space to depict designs and information in a protected and durable way. For example, a standard printer can be used to print out and specify contact details and information about the location or hardware. Alternatively, the PC can also be configured in a corporate design or be provided with attractive, colourful motifs.

Available accessories include a 2.5" installation frame (PHD3), a WLAN/Bluetooth module (WLN-M/WLN-M1), a COM port adapter (H-RS232) and the connecting cable for the remote power-on connection (CXP01).

Shuttle's recommended retail price for the XPC cube SH510R4 as a Barebone is EUR 335.00 (ex VAT). This model is available from specialist retailers and wholesalers upon publication of this press release.

(*Only when using an Intel Core processor of the 11th generation)