Mini-PC Barebone in a 4.7-litre format for two PCI Express cards

More than 20 years since the first Shuttle Mini-PC, a kind of hybrid of two worlds is presented with the XPC Barebone XH510G2. The new chassis format combines the benefits of the traditional Shuttle XPC cubes with those of the XPC slim family in the popular 3-litre format. If you wish, two power supply units will for the first time supply the power needed for modern graphics cards.

Elmshorn, Germany, 2022-07-13 – The Mini-PC pioneer Shuttle is venturing to achieve the delicate balance between compactness and flexibility with the 4.7-litre design. It has produced a 9.5 cm flat Mini-PC Barebone for lots of Intel Core processors of the 10th & 11th generation which features two PCI Express slots. This means it can confidently compete directly with workstations from major manufacturers with a similar format.

- Up to 64 GB of RAM, 2× M.2-SSD + 2.5" drive
- 1× PCIe-×16-4.0* and 1× PCIe-×1-3.0
- Second power supply unit for large graphics cards possible
- WLAN and 4G-ready

As its base area is only 25 × 20 cm, smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, it fits almost anywhere. Even the overall height of 9.5 cm is regarded as flat and provides plenty of space, for example for Intel Core i9 processors, dual-slot graphics cards, 64 GB of RAM and three drives.

“Probably the biggest advantage over other products in the market is the flexibility. Buyers can decide the details of which components they want to use and the choice of operating system,” explains Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. “From the entry-level version with scope for an upgrade, through to the maximum configuration level, with the XH510G2 you have almost free rein to decide on a surprisingly large number of features.”

Its two PCI Express slots, ×16-4.0* and ×1-3.0, are suitable for standard expansion cards. Three M.2 slots, 2× M.2-2280 and 1× M.2-2230, are ideal for SSDs and wireless modules, such as WLAN. Nevertheless, there is still always room for a 2.5" drive which can also provide many terabytes of memory.

A keen eye will notice that spread across the front and back are a DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0a, Gigabit Ethernet, audio, eight USB ports and a remote power-on connection. You will also find further ports for long-range WLAN antennas, VGA or COM ports from the Shuttle range of accessories.

Both of these graphics ports can still be used even if an additional graphics card has been plugged in. This means, depending on which graphics card is used, that four, eight or even more monitor ports can be used. If a single-slot version is chosen, it is possible to utilise a second PCI Express slot which can be used for network, capture or fast interface cards, for example.

If the whole of the inside of the chassis is taken up by a dual-slot graphics card (max. 20.5 × 12 × 4.5 cm LHW) and this requires its own power supply, the XH510G2 can be equipped with a second external power supply.

Its heat-pipe cooling system with a regulated dual fan provides stability and the lowest possible amount of operating noise at all times.

The accessories available are the WLAN ax/Bluetooth kit (WLN-M1) or WLAN ac/Bluetooth kit (WLN-M), the 4G installation kit for M.2 modems (WWN03) – always with matching antennas, the COM port adapter (PCP11), a VGA adapter (PVG01), the connecting cable for the remote power-on connection (CXP01), an expansion kit for using graphics cards with a 6/8-pin power plug (PRC01) and the required external power supply (PE180).

Shuttle’s recommended retail price for the XPC Barebone XH510G2 is EUR 314.00 (ex VAT). All products mentioned are available from specialist retailers upon publication of this press release.

*With gen. 10 “Comet Lake” processors only PCIe-×16-3.0