COM port adapter

P20U, P22U, P51U, P52U: These Shuttle XPC all-in-one products come with two COM ports as standard. The PCP11 adds up to two more COM ports which makes it a total of four serial COM ports (RS232) with Sub-D connectors.
X50V9: with the help of PCP11, the Shuttle XPC all-in-one PC X50V9 can be equipped with up to two COM ports.
DS10U, DS20U, DS50U: These Shuttle XPC slim Series comes with one COM Port and one VGA port as standard. If two COM ports are required, the existing VGA port may be removed and replaced by PCP11 instead.
XH410G, XH510G(2), XH610G(2), SH610R4: with PCP11 an additional COM port can be installed on the backpanel.

Scope of delivery: 
- 1x COM port adapter
- 2x affixing screw (UNC 4-40 thread)
- Installation guide
External: Sub-D, 9-pin, male
Internal: 10-pin (2×5), female, 2 mm pitch
9-pin ribbon cable
Length: Approx. 21 cm
This accessory is compatible with:
1) Shuttle XPC all-in-one Barebones PCs
P20U, P22U, P51U, P52U, X50V9
2) Shuttle XPC slim Barebone DS10U / DS20U / DS50U series
3) Shuttle XPC slim Barebone XH410G / XH510G / XH510G2
4) Shuttle XPC cube Barebone SH610R4