Expansion Kit PRC01 - enables second power adapter for Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2

The PRC01 expansion kit consists of a PCIe riser card and two adapter cables. Installing this accessory in the Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2 allows for a second external power adapter to be connected, enabling the use of more powerful graphics cards. By default, graphics cards with a maximum power dissipation of up to 75 watts can be supplied via the PCIe slot. With PRC01, the graphics card can be supplied with additional power via an internal 6- or 8-pin power connector.
Note: The second power adapter (e.g. Shuttle PE180) is not included with PRC01.

  • Contents
    1) PCIe Riser Card
    2) DC adapter cable for power adapter
    3) Internal power cable for the graphics card with 6+2 pin connector
    4) Quick Installation Guide
    Note: the power adapter is not included (e.g. Shuttle PE180)
  • Compatibility
    The PRC01 riser card is intended to be installed in the Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2.
  • Which power adapter can be used?
    A power adapter is not included with PRC01.
    The 4-pin DC connector supports power supplies with these output characteristics:
    - output voltage: 19.5 V
    - max. output wattage: 270 W
    When using the supplied DC cable adapter, commercially available 90W or 180W power supplies with 2.5/5.5 mm DC connector can be used (see table below).
  • Graphics card power cable
    The PRC01 kit provides an internal power cable for the graphics card which has a magic 6+2 pin connector. This means, it can be connected to graphics cards with 6-pin or 8-pin power connector.