XPC slim DL30N

Fanless 1-litre PC suitable for 24/7 operation

The Shuttle XPC slim Barebones of the DL30N series are the successors to the popular DL20N series. These fanless slim PC barebones with economical 12th generation Intel ‘Alder Lake-N’ processors are suitable for building particularly slim PC systems with drives and operating system as well as for purely network-based applications in client/server environments. Two Intel 2.5 Gbit/s network ports provide excellent network connectivity, and the optional Shuttle accessory WWN03 enables the installation of a 4G module for mobile Internet access. The integrated graphics are based on Intel's powerful UHD Graphics with hardware acceleration for 4K video. Together with SSD memory, this barebone is virtually silent and is therefore ideal for permanent operation.

  • Equipped with Intel processor N100
  • Up to 16 GB DDR5 memory
  • Two M.2 slots (1× M.2-2280, 1× M.2-2230)
  • 2× 2.5 Gbit Ethernet
  • 8× USB 3.2 (5 Gbit), 2× COM
  • 1× HDMI 2.0b, 1× DisplayPort 1.4, 1× VGA
  • Offers space for 1× 2.5" HDD/SSD and NVMe SSD
  • Suitable for 12 or 19 V DC
  • Remote power-on connection
  • Wall/VESA mounting option
  • Optional DIN-Rail/19” mount

100% fanless

Energy-saving technology combined with an ingenious cooling system mean no fans are required. No operating noise at all, fewer moving parts and therefore lower maintenance costs too.

Remote Power On connector

Wired remote starting

This model features a remote power-on connection. Any two-pin cable can be used to connect dedicated buttons via pins on the back and they then allow the machine to be started remotely.
Dual Network

Two particularly fast network connections

This feature is particularly interesting for demanding network applications - two 2.5 Gbit/s Ethernet connections enable physically separate networks and are 2.5× faster than conventional network interfaces.

Space for a 2.5" drive

As a complement to an NVMe SSD, this model also offers a home to classic data storage devices in 2.5" format*. Hard disks and SSDs in this format offer many terabytes of storage space.
(*Up to a height of 9.5 mm)
2.5 inch drive

Up to 16 GB of DDR5 RAM

Modern professional applications consume a particularly large amount of memory. With up to 16 GB of RAM, this mini PC can handle any demanding task.

Add-ons via M.2 module

Two M.2 slots enable expansion with storage media and additional modules, such as for Wi-Fi or 4G. Thanks to the PCI Express connection, large amounts of data can be transported quickly via the M.2 slot.


  • M.2-2280 for an NVMe SSD
  • M.2-2230 for a Wi-Fi module

Plenty of USB ports

A total of eight USB Type-A ports with 5 Gbit/s are evenly distributed across the front and rear of this mini PC.
USB type A connectors

Serial port

The classic among the interfaces. COM ports are still needed for professional applications, for example in cash register systems and in products from the fields of science and industry.

COM port

Great flexibility in the choice of screens

Three different graphics outputs, with both digital and analogue signals, offer great flexibility in the choice of display. This model has an HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and VGA connection.
HDMI connector

HDMI 2.0b

DisplayPort connector

DisplayPort 1.4a

VGA connector


Kensington Lock

Anti-theft protection

The Kensington security slot on the side of the case (also called K-Slot or Kensington Lock) serves as an anti-theft device. Suitable security solutions in various designs are available from specialist dealers.

Complete Systems

w/o Operating System
8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD
Windows 10
8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD
w/o Operating System


Vertical Stand
Cable for ext. power button
19‘‘ Rack Mount (2U)
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit
WLAN-ax/Bluetooth (M.2)
LTE/4G Expansion Kit