Expansion kit to install a 4G/5G card for mobile network

The Shuttle XPC accessory WWN04 allows compatible Shuttle XPC products to be upgraded with an 4G or 5G function for mobile network. The 4G/5G card will occupy a M.2-2280 slot. WWN04 includes an adapter card with 4 antennas and antenna cables. The required 4G card (in M.2-3042 format) or 5G card (in M.2-3052 format) and an activated Nano SIM card is not included in the scope of delivery.

  • Contents:
    - Adapter card (Daughterboard LN008)
    - Fastening screw for M.2/LTE card
    - 4x antenna
    - 4x antenna cable with toothed lock washer and screw nut
    - Quick installation guide
  • Adapter card:
    The suplied adapter card has to be installed into a compatible M.2-2280 slot of the Shuttle products DS50U or X50V9 and offers the following slots:
    1) M.2-3042/3052 Key B combo slot for 4G/5G cards
    2) SIM slot supports one SIM card in Nano format
  • Four antennas:
    4G/5G dipole omnidirectional antenna
    Colour: black
    Length overall: ca. 17 cm
    Radiation: Omni
    Connector: SMA male
  • Four antenna cables:
    RF cable lengths: 15, 17, 29, 36 cm
    1) SMA Pigtail female
    2) I-PEX MHF 4
  • Compatibility:
    WWN04 is compatible with the following Shuttle products:
    - Shuttle XPC slim DS50U series
    - Shuttle XPC all-in-one X50V9 series
  • Other required components:
    1) SIM card in Nano format
    2) a 4G or 5G mobile network card in M.2 form factor:
    Type M.2 form factor Interface Antennas
    4G/LTE card M.2-3042 key B USB 2.0 2
    5G card M.2-3052 key B PCIe or USB 3.0 4

    Successfully tested mobile network cards:
    - Sierra EM7455 (4G, CAT 6, for Europa and North America)
    - Sierra EM7430 (4G, CAT 6, for APAC)
    - Huawei ME906S (4G, CAT 4, for EMEA, Australia, New Zealand)
    - Quectel EM06-E (4G, CAT 6, for EMEA, Australia, Brazil)
    - Quectel RM500Q-AE (5G, Sub-6 GHz, Global except China)