General Service Terms (RMA)

1. General
With the purchase and receipt of goods from Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH you have accepted our general service terms (RMA service terms).
Please note that a quick and smooth handling of repairs under warranty can only be ensured providing the conditions of terms 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been fully adhered to.

2. Warranty Documents
In order to verify your warranty claim, we require a copy of the purchase invoice and the packlist (and delivery note)  – with the corresponding product serial number – Should these documents are not be provided, we reserve the right to return the merchandise without repair and to charge a handling fee.

3.    Trouble Shooting report
Please add a trouble shooting report fully completed to each item returned . For products received without a detailed description of the exact type of fault concerned (‘defective’ or ‘to be repaired’ is not sufficient), may be treated by Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH as  repair of  product outside of  the terms of  warranty or return of the unrepaired product  against a handling fee.

4.    Scope of delivery  and Other Products
Please note that the merchandise underclaim of warranty must be sent to us complete with all accessories included. Returns of product accessories cannot be processed and will be returned without being handled. Mainboards and power supplies of Shuttle XPC-Barebones are exempt and can be sent in separately.
All items, which have not been bought from Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH and which are sent in without previous consultation with  our technicians, will be returned unrepaired and are subject to a handling fee.

5.    Packaging
When returning merchandise under warranty, please use only the original packaging. If the merchandise is returned in non-original or unprofessional packaging, the claim to warranty is liable to be  jeopardized. Any claim to warranty is  forfeited for merchandise damaged in transport due to unprofessional packing. Please enclose a packlist with each carton which clearly states number and type of its content.

6.    Indication of Repair Timeframe
The merchandise will usually be returned to you within ten working days after receipt of the consignment. If you wish to be informed, in the meantime, of the present status of your RMA merchandise, please send us a reminder in time. We will inform you immediately about your consignment. In the event of a delay in repair due to difficulties in delivery from our supplier, we will let you know the probable repair timeframe.

7.    Unjustified Complaints
In case of unjustified complaints (no fault can be found, possible incorrect use) the merchandise may be returned against a handling fee. In such cases, we reserve the right to levy an additional charge covering the estimated handling fee of our vendors.

8.    Repairs which are Liable for Costs
Repairs, which are sent in after expiration of warranty or which are damaged due to improper handling, are liable for costs. In such cases, we will send you the cost estimate and will ask you to confirm your order for a possible repair. Should no reply be received  from you within two working days, we reserve the right to return the merchandise unrepaired and against charge of a handling fee.

9.    Transport Costs
In case of warranty, Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH covers the costs of transport for the shipping of repaired merchandise to the customer. The costs of sending in the merchandise to Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH are to be met by the shipper. For organizational reasons we refuse to accept consignments which have been sent to us unpaid.

10.   Non-acceptance of RMA Consignments
Should acceptance a RMA return consignment is refused by your company, we reserve the right to store the merchandise in our warehouse against a storage fee. If the storage fees should exceed the value of the merchandise,compensation is reached  through transfer of the legal title of the mercandise to Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH.

11.   Final Terms
Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH reserves the right to modify or to supplement these RMA service terms at any time.  The general terms of delivery and payment of Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH are accepted herewith as being effective.

Date: May 2005