Biometric security solutions from Shuttle

Collecting and utilising biometric data offers many advantages and is becoming more popular even away from high-security areas. Shuttle is now unveiling a new solution for face recognition which concurrently combines further security features such as fingerprints and RFID technology. Without any need to carry keys or access cards, it is possible to use these solutions, following prior registration, to scan people’s faces in order to grant them access to areas within buildings or register their presence (time recording). The devices are known for their short recognition time, high recognition rate, modular structure and quick set-up.

  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Contactless RFID and NFC technology
  • Beacons supported with Bluetooth LE
  • HD camera with infrared for better recognition in low light conditions
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • RS-232/RS-485 port, 2x Relay, Digital IN, Wiegand I/O, network
  • Speaker and microphone
  • Fanless and energy-saving operation

Multi-factor authentication

Individual or multiple security features can be requested, for example to check the authorisation multiple times and thus further increase the level of security, or to offer alternatives (e.g. if the RFID card is lost).


When beacons with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) are used, a pre-selection of the registered biometric data sets already takes place within the range, which can speed up recognition time. Another advantage of the beacon technology is convenient, contactless login and possible two-factor authentication.

Easy operation

Entries are made intuitively via a 7-inch, capacitive touchscreen and do not require any input devices or external control panel.

Stand-alone or network-based

Available as a simple stand-alone solution BR06S or as a comprehensive client/server version BR06/BR06V2 with multiple terminals and central data management.



Stand-alone solution for access protection via biometric features

  • Local access protection
  • Access restriction for individual rooms, for example archive or storeroom
  • Access control and logging without any staff costs

BR06 and BR06V2

Network-based biometric solution with central data storage

  • Access protection across different sites
  • A central database controls the access to multiple rooms, levels or buildings at the same time – also across site boundaries via the internet
  • Actuators controlled via relays (for example for electric door locks or optical/acoustic signals)


Practical ports (RS-232, RS-485, 2x Relay, Digital IN, Wiegand I/O, Ethernet) make it possible to control actuators (e.g. relays, door openers) and acoustic and optical detectors. This means that the BR06 models can easily be integrated into existing installations.



An intuitive touchscreen user interface allows easy administration and user operation without any complicated training. Individual adaptations by Shuttle are possible on request.


Manage multiple BR06 terminals simultaneously

Do you require biometric access protection at more than one site and want data reconciliation at the same time? The BR06 and BR06V2 models operate in a server/client environment and can be controlled and administered with the browser-based management interface. Up to 60 BR06 terminals can be operated in this way, spread across different security areas, levels and even buildings. Ideal for large company sites which are physically a long way apart. A central server holds, stored in a database, the access profiles for the users to be requested at the individual terminals.


Up to 60 terminals per server

Administration of thousands of user profiles at one central location

  • An open-source Linux operating system (CentOS) serves as the basis
  • Powerful desktop PCs or conventional server hardware can be used (from Intel Core i7, 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD)
  • Browser-based management interface can be used with each device (e.g. tablet or desktop PC)
  • User database can be enabled for use on other servers

Optionally available accessories