Serial Port Adapter for POS01

The Shuttle All-in-One PC of the X50 and P90U/P92U series [1] can be equipped with the optional accessory POS01, which is an extension kit with four serial ports (2x D-Sub and 2x RJ45), one parallel port and an RJ11 DIO port for cash drawers. With the help of the adapter cable POR01, the RJ45 ports can be converted to the 9-pin D-Sub standard, which is the traditional connector for serial devices.
[1] this includes the following models: X50V4, X50V5, X50V5U3, X50V6, X50V6U3, X50V7, X50V7U3, X50V8, X50V8U3, P90U, P90U3, P90U5, P92U, P92U3, P92U5

  • Scope of delivery:
    Adapter cable, Specifications sheet
  • Connectors:
    1) RJ45, 8-pin, shielded
    2) D-Sub, 9-pin, male
  • Length: ca. 70 cm
  • Order number: POA-POR01
  • EAN code: 4046047103126