NFC expansion kit

The Shuttle accessory PNFC01 adds integrated NFC functionality to the Shuttle XPC P20U for easy wireless data transfer. The NFC module consists of an NFC daughterboard with an internal antenna. The supplied NFC label marks the position on the chassis where an NFC tag can be read.

  • Contents:
    - NFC module: daughter-board with antenna
    - Sticker with NFC icon
    - Quick installation guide
  • Technical description:
    Writes and reads NFC tags at 13.56 MHz
    Model: SM-MMN17-C01
    Vendor: Smart Approach Co., Ltd.
    Chipset: NXP NPC100
    Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, 15693, 18092, NFCIP-1, NFCIP-2
    Supports MIFARE and Felica specifications
    Interface: I2C
  • Dimension:
    Daughter-board: 26.65 × 10.00 mm
    Antenna Area: 32.00 × 10.00 mm
    Total Size: 63.65 × 10.00 mm
  • Radio range:
    The PNFC01 accessory kit is intended to be installed in the Shuttle XPC Barebone P20U. An NFC sticker on the chassis marks the location of the NFC antenna. The radio range at this point is at least 10 mm above the chassis.
  • Compatibility:
    Supports Windows 10 (no other drivers available)
    For installation in the Shuttle XPC Barebone P20U
    Supports 13.56 MHz standard NFC tags (type 1~4) as typically used in NFC stickers and identidy cards, passports, membership cards, travel tickets etc.
    Not suitable for UHF tags and RFID stickers
    Not certified for payment applications