3.5" Hard Disk Rack for Shuttle 3-litre-PCs

The PHD4 allows for installation of one 3.5" hard drive. However, doing so means no other drives such as a slimline DVD drive or a 2.5" HDD/SSD can be used.

  • Scope of delivery
    - 3.5" HDD bracket (1x)
    - 3.5" HDD power cable (1x)
    - Screws (4x)
    - Quick Installation Guide
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with the following Shuttle Slim-PC Barebone models:
    XH610, XH610V, XH310, XH310V, XH310R, XH310RV, XH170V XH110, XH110V, XH97V, XH81, XH81V
    Not compatible with XH610G, XH510G, XH410G, XH110G, XH61V and XG41
  • Caution: Hard disks in Shuttle XPC slim PCs should only be used at ambient temperatures of up to 40°C. For higher temperatures SSDs are recommended instead.