Efficient 500W Power Supply for Shuttle XPCs

The Shuttle XPC Accessory FSP500 is a high-end power supply with a maximum output wattage of 500W suitable for certain Shuttle XPCs. Thanks to its 80 PLUS Gold certification for power-efficient devices, this power supply is also suitable for ENERGY STAR® compliant systems.

  • Model: Shuttle XPC Accessory FSP500
    Original manufacturer's name: FSP500-50FDB (from FSP Technology Inc.)
    Cable lengths designed for the Shuttle XPC.
  • Description: Internal 500W power supply unit for certain Shuttle XPC cube models
  • Input Specifications:
    Input voltage: 90-264 V
    Input frequency: 47-63 Hz
    Input current: max. 3A at 230V AC, max. 6A at 115V AC
    AC connector: IEC 320 C14 (m)
  • Output wattage:
    Total combined output is 500W max.
    Total combined output of 3.3V and 5V is 90W max.
    Active PFC circuit (Power Factor Correction)
  • DC voltage output, max. output current:
    +12V: 41A
    +3.3V: 14A
    +5V: 16A
    +5VSB: 3A (Standby)
    -12V: 0.5A
    Note: the minimum output current is 0.0A for all lines.
  • DC Power Connectors:
    1x ATX power with 20 pins
    2x ATX 12V power with 4 pins (combinable as 8 pins connector)
    2x PCIe power with 6 and 6+2 pins (for graphics card power)
    4x Serial ATA power
    2x Molex power
  • Protection:
    Output over voltage protection
    Short circuit protection on all outputs
    Resettable power shut down
  • Efficiency:
    80PLUS Gold compliant
  • Certification:
    EMI/RFI: CE, UKCA, FCC class B, CCC
    Safety: CB EN62368-1 & EN60950-1, TÜV, cUL, CCC
  • Temperature:
    Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C (at max. 85% RH, non-condensing)
    Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +80°C (at max. 90% RH, non-condensing)
  • Reliabillity:
    High reliability - 24/7 working
    MTBF (MIL-HDBK-217): 100.000 hours at 25°C ambient temperature and max. output load
  • Cooling fan: 
    40mm ball bearing fan, 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 150 x 81.5 x 40.5 mm (LWH), 5.9 x 3.21 x 1.59 inch
  • Weight: net weight: 0,7 kg, gross weight: 0,9 kg
  • Scope of delivery: power supply without screws and AC cable
  • Compatibility:
    supported Shuttle XPC models: SH610R4, SH510R4, SH570R6, SH570R6 Plus, SH570R8, SW580R8
    More details can be found in the following table:

Which Shuttle XPC cube models are compatible 
with the FSP300 and FSP500 power supplies?

Shuttle XPC cube
Product Name
Power Supply
Serial No. Compatible? 
FSP300 (300 W) FSP500 (500 W)
SH610R4 300 W all Yes Yes (Upgrade)
SH510R4 300 W all Yes Yes (Upgrade)
SH570R6 300 W all Yes Yes (Upgrade)
SH570R6 Plus 500 W all Yes (Downgrade*) Yes
SH570R8 500 W all Yes (Downgrade*) Yes
SW580R8 500 W all Yes (Downgrade*) Yes
SH310R4 300 W SH310R40301... No No
SH310R4V2 300 W SH310V20201... No No
300 W SH310V20501... Yes Yes (Upgrade)
SH370R6 300 W SH370R60201... No No
SH370R6V2 300 W SH370V20301... No No
300 W SH370V20801... Yes Yes (Upgrade)
SH370R6 Plus 500 W SH370R60301... No No
SH370R6V2 Plus 500 W SH370V20401... No No
500 W SH370V20901... Yes (Downgrade*) Yes
SH370R8 500 W SH370R80201... No No
500 W SH370R80701... Yes (Downgrade*) Yes

*) Downgrade means: the original power supply had an output wattage of 500W and this would be reduced to 300W when using FSP300. Please avoid overloading the system with the help of the Power Supply Calculator.