Gen 14

BIOS updates extend CPU support to Gen 14 Intel processors

Updates play a critical role in updating and expanding the functionality of computer hardware. Expanded CPU support opens the door to an even wider range of applications and compute-intensive tasks.

Current 14th generation CPU models, codenamed "Raptor Lake Refresh", are now supported by selected Shuttle products. Thanks to a series of new BIOS updates, compatibility is even greater.

Intel processors from the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 series, as well as several "Intel Processors for Desktop" are now included in Shuttle's own compatibility list.

Further information can be found in this table


Product name Family Chipset BIOS version Download
DH610 XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H610 2.11
DH610S XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H610 2.10
DH670/DH670V2 XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H670 2.10
SH610R4 XPC cube Intel H610 1.03
XH610/XH610V XPC slim (3L) Intel H610 2.06


Later BIOS versions with a higher version number also include this compatibility.

Attention: To perform the BIOS update, the devices must first be started with a compatible Generation 12 or 13 processor.

Date: 2024-01-19