Version 2

Lots of models now available as Version 2

Every version of DS20..V2 and DL20..V2 with new network controllers

Certain well-known models from Shuttle have not been available under their familiar model names for some time now. They have been replaced with several new versions with the suffix V2 in the model name. What is this all about?

Owing to fluctuations in the availability of certain components, several models have had to be kitted out with slightly different equipment. However, this does not mean any kind of regression or even restrictions in the functional scope, but has instead resulted in functional improvements.

The new versions now feature Ethernet controllers with up to 2.5 Gbit, which means they can deliver much higher network transmission rates than the controllers with 1 Gbit bandwidth that were used previously.

This applies to the following models:


Predecessor Max. bandwidth Successor Max. bandwidth
DH670 2× 1 Gbit DH670V2 1× 2.5 Gbit + 1× 1 Gbit
DL20N 1× 1 Gbit DL20NV2 1× 2.5 Gbit
DL20N6 1× 1 Gbit DL20N6V2 1× 2.5 Gbit
DS20U 2× 1 Gbit DS20UV2 1× 2.5 Gbit + 1× 1 Gbit
DS20U3 2× 1 Gbit DS20U3V2 1× 2.5 Gbit + 1× 1 Gbit
DS20U5 2× 1 Gbit DS20U5V2 1× 2.5 Gbit + 1× 1 Gbit
DS20U7 2× 1 Gbit DS20U7V2 1× 2.5 Gbit + 1× 1 Gbit


All the successors listed are already available from specialist retailers.

Over the course of the year, these changes will also apply to more models. We will then update this information accordingly.

Date: 2023-12-06