Intel 13th gen

BIOS updates available for 13th generation of Intel Core processors

The Intel Core processors of the 13th generation “Raptor Lake” promise to deliver even better performance and efficiency thanks to their improved hybrid design with up to eight “performance cores” (P-cores) and up to 16 “efficient cores” (E-cores). Raptor Lake processors are available both with and without an integrated graphics unit.

Intel Core processors of the 13th generation “Raptor Lake” only support Shuttle XPC Barebones of the DH6xx/XH61x series from a certain firmware/BIOS version, which has been available since March 2023. Models on the market will still have an older firmware/BIOS version during the transition phase and will first need to be updated using a Gen 12 processor “Alder Lake”.

The following list provides information on the BIOS version required.

Product name Family Chipset BIOS version Download
DH610 XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H610 DH610000.202
DH610S XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H610 DH610100.201
DH670 XPC slim (1.3L) Intel H670 DH670000.205
XH610/XH610V XPC slim (3L) Intel H610 XH610000.203


Date: 2023-03-21