The Shuttle Reseller Program is back

Since a few days the Shuttle Reseller Program is available again for commercial users. The access-protected area of our European website offers selected B2B content and exclusive options, such as direct service processing.

All previous accesses can still be used, but a new password must first be set. The e-mail address used during registration is used to log in.

The benefits of the Shuttle Reseller Program include:

  • Direct contact with the sales team of the European subsidiary
  • Application for DIR service (bring-in)
  • Application for PUR service (Pick-Up-and-Return)
  • RMA processing for direct customers
  • Possibility to participate in promotions (cashback, demo units, etc.)
  • Registration for the Shuttle Reseller Newsletter
  • Information on product successors
  • Downloads such as B2B price lists and EAN codes

The offer is reserved for traders in the ICT sector. The activity must be proven after registration with a valid business registration. Activation will take place after verification by the Shuttle Reseller Team.

Click here to have a new password sent to you or to register.