Limited availability of Shuttle products

Many Shuttle products are currently not available in the usual quantities. We would like to apologise for this. The reason for this shortage is a lack of semiconductor components across the industry and worldwide, caused firstly by a very high level of demand in general and secondly because the component manufacturers did not adjust their production capacities in sufficient time to cater for this.

As soon as production is fully back up and running, European customers at least will have to wait for several weeks because of the large distance from the production facilities in Asia.

Experts and market researchers do not expect the situation to ease much before the turn of the year 2021/2022.

We would also dearly like to be able to cater for the great backlog of orders from our direct customers as quickly as possible, but for the reasons that have been outlined as a European subsidiary, we do not have any real influence over this.

Nevertheless, we would like to assure you that the entire Shuttle group is exhausting all possibilities to secure supplies and maintain production to the best possible extent.

We hope you appreciate this exceptional situation.