• Hardware
    - Shuttle XPC slim DS10U5
    - Passive cooling, no fan noise at all
    - Approved for 24/7 permanent operation
    - 128 GB SSD, M.2 SSD card [1]
    - 16 GB DDR4-2400 RAM
  • Pre-installed Software
    - Linux CentOS 7 operating system
    - Shuttle Management Server Software for D230
  • Licenses
    Up to 150 Digital Signage Players with Stretch-Display D230 can be managed through the browser interface of this server.
    One license is included, additional licenses can be purchased. [1]
  • Software Features
    - Upload media contents and create schedules
    - Set trigger conditions to perform gender/age recognition for different advertising targets
    - Analyse how often the advertising
    was watched and by which customer group
    - Group D230 client devices
    - D230 client OTA update (firmware update via server user interface)
    - User account management 
    - Language support of the Web-UI: 
    EN, FR, DE, RU, ES, TC, SC, JP

[1] The license key is linked to the hardware configuration. Upgrading the SSD requires a new license key. In this case, contact the shuttle service.