XPC all-in-one P22U

Compact All-in-One PC for POS and control applications

The Shuttle XPC all-in-one P22U with an 11.6" multi-touch display is positioned as a space-saving POS system or control device for media playback or automation. The adjustable stand allows for flexible viewing and operation angles, while it can also be VESA-mounted to appropriate stands or walls. The front panel is protected from splashing of water and dust according to the IP54 rating. A detachable cable collector box on the bottom helps avoid clutter. Thanks to its passive cooling, the system is virtually noise-less, maintenance-free and approved for 24/7 nonstop operation.

  • Intel Celeron 5205U processor
  • Capacitive 11.6" (49.5 cm) multi-touch screen (1366×768 px)
  • Up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • HDMI and VGA port for external monitors
  • 1× M.2-2280, 1× M.2-2230
  • 1× NVMe, 1× SATA 2.5", card reader
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi ready
  • 6× USB external, 1× USB type A internal, 2× RS-232
  • Integrated speaker, camera and microphone
  • Flexible stand and VESA mounting option
  • Detachable cable collector box
  • Always-on jumper

View as a photorealistic 3D model

The 3D model can be moved 360° and viewed in minute detail by zooming in. Opened on a smartphone or tablet, it can be displayed and marvelled at as a 3D object in a real environment. By the way: All this works without app installation on iOS and Android devices.

Experience in AR via smartphone
M.2 Slots

Add-ons via M.2 module

Two M.2 slots make it possible to add data mediums and additional modules, for example for wireless LAN or cellular modem. Thanks to the PCI Express connection, large quantities of data can be transported in a short time via the M.2 slot.
SO-DIMM Modules

Up to 64 GB of RAM

Modern professional applications consume a particularly large amount of memory. With two slots and therefore 64 GB of RAM in total, this PC can handle any demanding task.

Flexible stand

The elegant yet solid stand can be adjusted continuously to achieve the ideal viewing angle and an ergonomic operating position. It can also be used as a carrying handle.

Internal USB port

Internal USB port

Licence dongles, 4G modems or any USB sticks can be plugged into an internal USB type A slot inside this model. In this way, they are protected against theft and manipulation.
Card reader

Reading and writing memory cards

Discreetly hidden in the front panel is an SD card reader that allows convenient handling of memory cards, such as those often found in smartphones, cameras, microcomputers or drones.

Two connections for external screens

Thanks to an HDMI and VGA connection, the screen area of this model can be easily expanded. A total of three screens are available; for example, for customer information and for advertising content.

HDMI 1.4a



100% fanless

Energy-saving technology combined with an ingenious cooling system mean no fans are required. No operating noise at all, fewer moving parts and therefore lower maintenance costs too.

How does this work?

Thanks to a simple physical principle, known as convection. Warm air rises while entraining colder air at the same time. This permanent flow passes through machines or travels along surfaces. This prevents a build-up of heat and ensures reliable cooling.
Kensington Lock

Anti-theft protection

The Kensington security slot on the side of the case (also called K-Slot or Kensington Lock) serves as an anti-theft device. Suitable security solutions in various designs are available from specialist dealers.
COM port

Serial port

The classic among the interfaces. COM ports are still needed for professional applications, for example in cash register systems and in products from the fields of science and industry.

Integrated HD camera

A camera module with full HD resolution and microphone sits behind protective glass in the upper edge of the screen. It is suitable, for example, for scans, object recognition or video calls. Activation is signalled by a status LED.

Complete Systems

w/o Operating System
4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD
Windows 10 IoT
POS P220
4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD
w/o Operating System


COM Port Adapter
Dual COM Port Adapter
Dual VESA stand
WLAN Expansion Kit (M.2)
WLAN-ax/Bluetooth (M.2)
External 65W Power Supply