OMNINAS Firmware update via USB

Note: This instruction is intended for advanced users.

1. Download the following file suitable for your Shuttle OMNINAS:

2. Unzip the ZIP file downloaded onto a FAT32 formatted, empty USB 2.0 stick (sticks with USB 3.0 interface are not suitable for this process).

3. Remove the LAN cable and the hard disk(s) from your NAS. To reinsert correctly, note the order of hard disk 1 and 2.

4. Insert the USB stick into the front USB port on the NAS and start the unit.

5. The LEDs on the NAS will illuminate red and flash during the process, which takes a few minutes. The unit will switch off automatically later.

6. Remove the USB stick and reinsert the hard disks into the unit in the correct order.

7. The update is completed by starting the NAS by pressing the power button.

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