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WLAN problems with the X5020VA after software update from the Internet

After connecting the X5020VA to the Internet, updates for the operating system are downloaded. The wireless network (Wifi/WLAN) is then no longer active.

The updates install a new kernel. The WLAN driver module is not compatible with the new kernel and needs to be updated.


A new Wifi driver module must be generated.
To generate the new module:

  1. Log on as 'root' in the console
  2. Switch to the directory /root/wlan/rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0019.1207.2010
  3. Enter 'make' and confirm with ENTER
  4. Wait until compiling is complete
  5. Now enter 'make install' and press ENTER again
  6. Wait now until installation is complete
  7. Restart the PC


    Wifi should now function properly again.

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    Blu-ray playback does not work after connecting for the first time?

    If the playback of Blu-ray films does not work properly after unpacking your shuttle complete system, then one possibility is that you have not installed the program for playback. Depending on the configuration, this can happen in individual cases. There is a CD with a suitable playback program in the accessories carton. In order to install the program, place the CD in the drive and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. The installation is completed in only a few steps.

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    I cannot set up a wireless LAN connection with the Shuttle X50V2 All-in-One PC. Why?

    The wireless LAN connection (WLAN) is disabled as standard. To use wireless LAN, the relevant module must be activated via software first.

    Please launch the "ControlAP" programme on your desktop by left-clicking twice on the "ControlAP" icon.

    "ControlAP" provides plenty of options.

    To activate WLAN, left-click the botton "Wireless" once.

    If activated successfully, "Wireless On" is now being displayed.

    It might take the PC a few seconds to initialise the WLAN module. Once this is completed, WLAN can be used immediately.

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    Why won’t my operating system install onto the C: Drive?

    This could be due to the internal card reader using the “C” drive title (and D, E F). Since the card reader is pre-installed, it has automatically been allocated the first 4 letters (starting from C). Try one of the follow solutions to install your operating system onto the C drive and avoid such issues:

    1. Remove the card reader cable before install operating system.

    2. Disable onboard USB controller before install operation system.

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    What is an example full system RefleXion XPC?

    An example RefleXion XPC full system is listed below. This full system has been tested according to Shuttle’s “Full Loading” test standard. With the following components installed, the RefleXion XPC continuously runs benchmarking software for over three days.

    • Model: RefleXion XPC
    • BIOS: fb61rs06
    • CPU: P4 3.4GHz FSB 800MHz
    • Memory: Kingston DDR400 (PC 3200) 1GB * 2
    • HDD: WD Raptor WD360 SATA 10,000rpm
    • DVD-ROM: Shuttle 16X DVD_ROM (Built in)
    • USB device: Shuttle 6-in-1 Card Reader (Built in)
    • Shuttle Wireless LAN Module (Built in)
    • AGP card: ATi Radeon 9800 XT (Build by ATi)
    • PCI card: WinFast TV2000 TV Tuner card
    • Operating System: Windows XP Pro. + Service Pack 1
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    System Reset Shuttle K450V Complete System

    You can find instructions on system recovery here.

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    Shuttle XPCs with Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate OEM license allow downgrades to Windows Vista or Windows XP

    22 October 2009: Launch of new Windows 7 operating system
    Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system has been in the shops since 22 October 2009 and the trade press agree that it is better than its predecessor. Because of its low system requirements, it can even be installed on nettops and netbooks, which in the past chiefly used Windows XP Home. However, purchasers of a Shuttle Complete System who want to continue to use Windows XP can employ the Windows 7 downgrade.

    Windows 7 downgrade program
    Shuttle's Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate OEM licenses entitle users to downgrade to Windows Vista or XP. This means that Shuttle customers purchase a Shuttle PC system with a license for Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate but can subsequently switch operating system to Windows Vista or Windows XP. In these cases Shuttle helps its customers take up their downgrade rights by delivering on request the desired downgrade operating system pre-installed on the new Shuttle PC. This offers great added value because the customer can start off with Windows Vista or Windows XP and later on benefit from the advantages of Windows 7 without having to pay extra for the privilege.

    Alternative to the downgrade: XP mode under Windows 7
    Business customers, in particular, worry that older software that ran under XP may no longer run under Windows 7. Microsoft has therefore provided an XP mode in Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate, which integrates seamlessly into Windows 7. However, it is not suitable for games applications with 3D acceleration. To make it suitable, users will need to install the Microsoft Virtual PC 7 with a free Windows XP image. To install this facility, a processor that supports the AMD-V or Intel VT virtualisation function is required.

    Downgrade license terms and conditions

    • The customer purchases a Shuttle PC System with a Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate OEM license with Recovery DVD. This license is tied to the delivered hardware. The relevant COA (Certificate of Authority) license sticker can be found on the underside of the PC.
    • The customer and Shuttle as OEM are entitled to perform one of the following downgrades:
      1) from Windows 7 Professional to Windows Vista Business or Windows XP Professional
      2) from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows XP Professional.
    • The downgrade operating system versions are complete and have no time restrictions in terms of their use. Whereas it is possible to downgrade to Windows Vista Business or Ultimate without time restrictions, with Windows XP Professional this is only permitted up until 22 April 2011.
    • If the customer wants to perform the downgrade installation himself, an original Installation CD for Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business/Windows Vista Ultimate is required. This can for example be a Shuttle OEM Recovery CD or an available retail version. In the case of a retail version, a renewed product activation cannot be performed online or via the Internet. In this case the customer should contact the free activation hotline (Tel. 0800/2848283) and explain the background to the downgrade.
    • The customer may later return to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate depending on the license.
    • Prior to the switch the previous operating system must be deleted from the hard disk. A dual-boot installation is not admissible with only one license.
    • There are no downgrade rights for Windows 7 Home Premium.
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    Brief instructions on getting started with Windows 7

    1. Make a note of the Windows 7 "Product Key", which can be found underneath or at the rear of your PC. You will need to have this "Product Key" (serial number) to hand later on. For more information, please refer to the "Windows 7 Product Key" info sheet.
    2. Switch on your monitor (does not apply for All-in-One PCs).
    3. Switch on your Shuttle Mini-PC complete system.
    4. The PC starts up and "Windows Setup" guides you step by step through initial installation.
    5. First of all, enter your desired settings in "Country/Region", "Time and Currency" and "Keyboard layout". Then click "Next".
    6. Now enter a "User name" for yourself and choose a "Computer name" for your new PC. Then click "Next".

      NOTE: If your new PC has a touchscreen and no keyboard is connected, touch the blue icon at the left edge of the window. You can now enter "Text without keyboard" using the on-screen keyboard. Select the relevant checkbox and confirm your selection with "OK". This displays an on-screen keyboard for use with stylus, mouse or finger.

    7. For security reasons we recommend you specify a password in the following screen. To prevent typing errors, the password has to be entered twice. You can also store a password hint as a memory aid. Then click "Next".
    8. Now enter your Windows 7 "Product Key". The "Product Key" is printed on a sticker underneath or at the rear of your PC. Alternatively, you have the option of entering the "Product Key" after completing the First Steps. You can find further information on the "Product Key" and Windows 7 activation in the "Windows 7 Activation" info sheet. Then click "Next".
    9. Make sure you read the licence terms and conditions carefully and, if you agree with them, confirm by selecting the checkbox and clicking "Next".
    10. Here you can specify which and how many updates you want for Windows 7. For optimal protection of your new PC, you should use the "Recommended Settings".
    11. Now check the time zone, date and time and correct, if necessary. Then click "Next".
    12. If your PC has an active WLAN connection or a network cable is fitted, you can now start to specify the network settings.
    13. The initial installation is then completed automatically.
    14. After initial installation you can now start to use your new PC with Windows 7 operating system.

    We hope you enjoy your Shuttle product!

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    Windows 7 Activation

    Windows 7 must be activated. If the computer is connected to the Internet, activation is normally performed automatically as soon as the "Product Key" is entered. If it is not possible to connect to the Internet or you have not yet entered the "Product Key", follow the steps below to activate your Windows 7 operating system manually.


    1. Open the Start menu and then select "My Computer", "System Properties".

    2. Scroll right down to the bottom of this screen to the "Windows Activation" section and click the blue link with the key icon.

    3. The "Windows Activation" screen now opens. Follow the instructions on the screen.
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    Onboard HDMI not working after uninstalling PCIe video card.

    Symptom: The onboard HDMI video output port does not work after uninstalling the PCIe video card. But the onboard VGA video output port still works with generic screen resolution.
    Reason: The video chipset driver was not installed.

    1. Temporarily use the onboard VGA output to connect the display (do not connect HDMI).
    2. Boot up the computer and your operating system, go to Control Panel – Add and Remove Program.
    3. Locate and uninstall your PCIe video card’s associated program and driver, such as nVidia Control Panel or ATI Catalyst.
    4. Restart computer then install Intel video chipset driver from either the Driver CD or our drivers download web site.
    5. Restart the computer one more time, then you should be able to start using the onboard HDMI video output.
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    How To Enable Power-On After Power Fail on The X27D?

    To enable Power-On After Power Fail on the X27D series of machines, you need to go to the Power Management Section of the BIOS and look for PWR-ON After PWR-Fail within that section and change the setting to [On]. Please refer to the graphical in the attachment file to locate PWR-ON After PWR-Fail.
    After the setting has been changed to, “On”, the system will power on if the power fails for any reason. You can test this functionality by  removing the power cord from the back of the machine, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the power cord and your machine should power back on after the simulated power failure.

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    How to clear the CMOS for my Shuttle Computer and where is the button?

    Answer A: Clear CMOS button is usually located on the back of computer.

    Answer B: Before clearing the CMOS,

                      1. remove the power cord first,

                      2. insert one end of paperclip into hole,

                      3. hold the paperclip pushed in for 30 seconds,

                      4. plug the power cord back in and restart the computer,

                      5. press “DEL” on your keyboard to into BIOS Setting,

                      6. select “Load Optimized Default” or “Load Default”,

                      7. press F10 to save and exit, done.

    Answer C: If your computer does not have a Clear CMOS button on the back or not sure where to find it, please contact Shuttle Computer Technical Support.

    Please see attachment for graphical instruction.

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    What do I do if my system regularly encounters unstable situations?

    1.  Clear CMOS and update your systems BIOS. (This may improve system stability), or
    2. Try other hardware devices, such as RAM, CPU, video card, and power supply. Make sure that they are not encountering any compatibility issues.


    3. Backup your hard drive information to a separate storage media, then format and reinstall operating system.

      At last:

    4. If the problem still persists, it could be due to hardware compatibility issues on your system.
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    What if the power supply in my Shuttle M1000/M2000 stops working?

    In a case that the power supply (PSU) of your Shuttle M1000 or M2000 stops working, there is no self-troubleshooting. The PSU block inside this model of computer is not particularly housed in a case because of cooling mechanism enhancement, it could also be dangerous to have any physical contact with it because of high voltage that could have retained inside still even after the power cord is unplugged. Please contact Shuttle Computer Technical Support to arrange an RMA Service for your whole computer unit.

    fold faq

    Change Keyboard ID

    If there are many Shuttle XPC Systems M1000 has operating at same place, you may experience one keyboard could control all other systems. The reason is same keyboard control ID setting use on those system. Please re-syncing the keyboard control ID on each Shuttle XPC System M1000 to avoid this problem. Procedure to syncing the keyboard:

    1. Press once on the keyboard connect button behind the front left door.
    2. Press the red connect button once on the bottom of the keyboard.

    fold faq

    Repairing an existing system


    When you repair Windows XP, existing data and programs may be erased. Make sure to back up all of your personal files on a CD-R before commencing reinstallation. After you have repaired the system software, you will need to reinstall all programs that are not included with Windows XP. After repair, all pre-installed programs of the original installation may require reinstallation.

    1. Switch on the monitor.
    2. Power up the Shuttle XPC.
    3. Press the "Del" (delete) key immediately for access to the BIOS.
    4. Select the menu option "Advanced BIOS Features".
    5. Click "ENTER".
    6. Using the PageUp and PageDown keys, set the "First Boot Device" to
    7. Insert the Installation CD.
    8. Press "F10" to save your settings and again confirm your selection
      with "Y" (yes) and "ENTER".
    9. When the message "Press any key to boot from CD" appears at the
      bottom of the screen, press any key.
    10. The Shuttle XPC will now restart from the CD. The installer is now
      loading the files. This may take a few minutes.
    11. A "Welcome" screen is displayed.
    12. Press "ENTER".
    13. Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) by pressing "F8".
    14. Next, the Shuttle XPC searches for existing Windows XP installations.
    15. If an existing installation is found, you may choose to repair it. To do
      this, press "R".
    16. The required data is now being copied from the CD.
    17. Once copying is complete, the Shuttle XPC restarts.
    18. If the message "Please press any key to restart from CD" appears
      again, do NOT press any keys.
    19. The Shuttle XPC will now start from the hard drive.
    20. You may now select your language and region, and confirm with "Next".
    21. The Shuttle XPC restarts.
    22. The Windows XP "Welcome" screen appears.
    23. Continue with "Next".
    24. The Shuttle XPC is then reconfigured.
    25. You can now work with Windows XP.


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