Vertical stand PS02 for Shuttle 1.3-litre Shuttle XPC slim PCs

The Shuttle XPC slim-PCs of the 1.3 litres class can be used for horizontal operation by default. With this optional stand (accessory PS02), it can also be placed vertically.

  • Scope of delivery
    - Two stand components (metal, black)
    - Four Screws
  • Compatibility:
    Compatible with the following Shuttle XPC slim PCs:
    DX30, DS61, DS81(L), DH110(SE), DH170, DQ170, DH270
    The stand PS02 is already provided with these models:
    DS47, DS407(T), DS437(T), DS57Ux, DS67Ux, DS77Ux, NC02Ux, NC03Ux
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