Compatibility table of Shuttle Accessory items

Category Accessory Name Compatibility List
PE40 40W power adapter XS36/XS35 series, X50V2/V3 series
PE90 90W power adapter (Juli 14) DS61, DS81, XH61, XH61V XH81, XH81V, XH97V,
DS47, DS437, DS437T, KD20, KD21, KD22
PC36 100W power adapter K10, D1416, K45, K48, K58
Power Supply
PC55 450W power supply SB81P, SB95P, SB95PV2, SD31P, SD37P2,
SD39P2, SN25P, SN26P, SN27P2
PC60 300W power supply 80+ XPC: G, G2, G5, G6 and ST61G4, D10, D1416S, K45, K48,
but not SD11G5, SK83G, SN85G4, SN95G5, ST20G5
PC61J 300W power supply 80+ SH87R6, SH67H3, SH67H7, SN78SH7, SG45H7, SP45H7,
SG41J1/J4, SH55J2, SH61R4
PC63J 500W power supply 80+ SH87R6, SZ87R6, SH67H3, SH67H7, SN78SH7, SG45H7,
SP45H7, SX58H7(Pro), SG41J1/J4, SH55J2, SX58J3, SH61R4,
SZ68R5, SZ77R5, SX79R5
J-RS232 1xCOM, 1xPar card SG41J1, SG41J4, SX58J3
H-RS232 1xCOM adapter SA76R4, SH67H3, SH67H7, SH61R4,
SZ68R5, SZ77R5, SH87R6, SX79R5
PCL68 2xCOM, 1xPar module X50V2, X50V2 Plus
PCL69 2xCOM, 1xPar module X50V3, X50V3L
PCL70 2xCOM, 1xPar module X70S, X70M
PVG01 VGA adapter (June 14) DS81
WLAN card
with Antenna
WLN-S WLAN-n kit XG41, DS61, DS81, XH61V, XH81(V), XH97
WLN-C WLAN-n kit SX79R5, SH87R6, SZ77R5, SZ68R5,
SH67H3, SH67H7, SH61R4
VESA and
PV01 VESA kit XS35 series
PV02 VESA kit XG41, XH61, XH61V
PV03 VESA kit XS36V, XS36VL
PS01 vertical stand XG41, XH61(V), XH81(V), XH97
Other PHD2 adapter for 2.5" drives XS35 series
PHD3 adapter for 2.5" drives all XPCs with 3.5" bay
PM65 Heat-pipe cooling system SG41J1, SG41J4
PF55 carrying bag X50 series

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