High-end Mini-PC with overclocking features
Powerful Shuttle XPCs have been a persuasive choice as a workstation or gaming platform for many years. The RGB LED lighting on the front of the R9 suggests that this Barebone, which has been designed specifically for gamers, delivers plenty of performance! All you need to do to get the maximum power from Intel’s K-series processors (e.g. Core i7-7700K) is to press the Turbo button and overclocking mode is activated. The lighting and CPU multiplier can be configured with the overclocking tool. Despite the small dimensions, a dual-slot graphics card such as the GTX 1080, up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory, two M.2 SSDs and four 3.5” hard disks fit in the chassis. Cooling is provided by a heat pipe which efficiently dissipates heat and a separate fan for the data storage media.
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