Stylish exterior and high-speed interior
This attractive Mini-PC offers multi-core CPU power, enabled by Intel's best-ever processors. Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad work with two or four CPU cores and are often able to work at double or quadruple the speed of conventional processors.
8-channel HD audio
The superior high-definition sound with digital SPDIF output not only gives that perfect cinema feeling at home, it also offers optimal sound quality for your Skype VOIP telephone conferencing. Conveniently located ports ensure ultimate user friendliness.
DTS Connect & Dolby Digital Live! certified
DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live! certification promise an even more realistic experience of all audio signals. The simple stereo output has also been enhanced for increased listening pleasure.
Dual-slot graphic cards? No problem!
The creative engineers at Shuttle have worked out how to fit large and incredibly powerful dual-slot graphics cards into this compact PC. The special dimensions of the cards and the unusual fan size cause no problems at all in this Mini-PC.
Intelligent cooling
Shuttle's patented Heatpipe Cooling technology with variable speed control automatically ensures maximum system stability and quiet operation in this aluminium Shuttle Mini-PC. Instead of swirling around the chassis, as is the case with conventional solutions, the warm air is specifically transferred out of the chassis.
Cleverly hidden
In this model the ports and drives are hidden behind moveable panels that offer ideal protection from dust and ensure a clean, harmonious look. Not everyone needs to be able to see just what your Mini-PC can do.
Always full of energy
The highly effective power supply is able to reliably meet the requirements of even the most demanding of components up to 450 Watts. The 80 PLUS certification is evidence of its extremely high performance level.
Dual network connection
In this model two gigabit network controllers ensure maximum data transmission rates via load balancing and maximum availability via the failover function.
Breathtaking 3D graphics and increased screen area
Really impressive 3D graphics performance can be achieved with modern graphics cards in the two PCI-E 2.0 slots. Gamers appreciate the high frame rates when using two graphics cards linked by CrossFire and professional users welcome the benefit of up to four monitors.
Almost limitless memory
In this age of terabyte hard disks, four internal ports with SATA offer almost unlimited hard disk space.
External eSATA port
With this interface external hard drives can reach the same speeds as inbuilt versions. Just give it a try.
For a longer life and more system stability
All the components of the highly integrated mainboard of this PC are fitted with modern solid capacitors, which offer six times the lifespan of normal capacitors.
For that cinema feeling
Clear multi-channel sound from up to eight speakers from the integrated 7.1 HD-Audio chipset. With DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live! even the smallest of rooms can be turned into a virtual cinema.
Crystal-clear audio transmission
SPDIF allows the transmission of audio signals in digital quality. The sound of films, music and games is sent to the terminal via fibre-optic or coax cable without any data loss.
Data transfer between two PCs made easy
Thanks to the Speed-Link function, data transfer between two PCs has never been so easy. A standard USB cable connects both PCs in the same way as an external hard drive without driver problems or time-consuming installation processes.
Generous supply of USB ports
You can never have enough of those versatile USB ports. This Shuttle Mini-PC offers 8 ports, with further ports for internal expansions located on the mainboard.
High connectivity
Limitless connection options. Almost any external device can be connected to this Mini-PC via USB, FireWire or eSATA, e.g. digital cameras, video cameras and external hard drives.
Pre-assembled cabling saves time
The most important power and data cables are already routed and just have to inserted into the relevant components. This saves valuable time when setting up the system.
Shuttle opts for lightweight aluminium
The use of aluminium in Mini-PCs has significant advantages. Aluminium has an ideal balance between weight and strength, does not rust and is not sensitive to magnetism. Its thermal conductivity is four times higher than steel. All in all, it's a perfect material for Mini-PCs.
Less waiting time with Intel Turbo Memory
A special flash memory module can reduce waiting times at system and program start-up on this Mini-PC. Frequently used files are stored temporarily in the memory module and are therefore quicker to access.
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