Since their introduction in 2001, these cube-sized Mini-PCs have impressed users with their wide range of applications. Shuttle XPC Mini-PCs offer impressive performance, high-end processing and rapid assembly.

Tiny machines that punch well above their weight. Although just a few centimetres thin, these Mini-PCs are packed with intelligent and energy-saving technologies. Some models are also 4K-compatible.

With the NC01U Series, Shuttle introduces its first Mini-PC with less than 600 ml in volume. These small computers are powered by Intel's highly efficient "Broadwell" ULV processors ranging from Celeron up to Core i7.

All-in-One PCs combine monitor and processor in a single device. With touchscreen models you often no longer need a mouse or keyboard for user control.

What is a Barebone?

Barebones are semi-finished PCs. At Shuttle, these consist of a Mini-PC case, power supply, cooling system and mainboard. To complete your barebone you need a processor, some memory, the required drives and sometimes a graphics card. So accordingly an operational Mini-PC is no longer a barebone.

Extend the possibilities of your Shuttle products with the clever line-up of accessories. Shuttle offers handy carrying bags, beefy power supplies, additional ports to enhance connectivity and special mounting kits.

M(S)RP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price - suggested selling prices for the retailer.

Discontinued Products

Warranty Services

  • All Shuttle products are sold with a 2-year warranty
  • The 3-year warranty applies to distributors and resellers and is available for certain barebone products
  • Shuttle complete systems with Windows operating system are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee for end users in form of the Pick-up-and-Return service

Please visit the Shuttle Reseller Program for detailed information.

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