Since 2001, the square Mini-PCs have been impressing with their almost limitless range of possible applications. The expandable XPC cubes are renowned for their impressive performance, high-quality finish and speed of assembly. And have you seen how good they look?

In this product group you will almost always find the perfect solution. Although these Mini-PCs are just a few centimetres thick, they are packed full of ingenious and energy-saving technology. For example, do you require a fanless PC or a particularly large number of monitor ports? You will find all of this here.

Small, smaller, XPC nano. Despite an edge length of just 14 cm, these Mini-PCs are available in many different processor versions. How nimble should your new PC be?

The all-in-one provides a monitor and PC in one device. Thanks to a splash-proof, touch-sensitive screen, there is often no longer any need for a mouse or keyboard to operate it. Depending on the model, you do not even need to take off your gloves to enter data.

What is a Barebone?

Barebones are semi-finished PCs. At Shuttle, these consist of a Mini-PC case, power supply, cooling system and mainboard. To complete your barebone you need a processor, some memory, the required drives and sometimes a graphics card. So accordingly an operational Mini-PC is no longer a barebone.

Expand the possible things that your Shuttle product can do with clever accessories. For example, Shuttle offers you WLAN extensions, power supply units offering additional power, cables for connecting further interfaces or special mounts.

M(S)RP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price - suggested selling prices for the retailer.

Discontinued Products

Warranty Services

  • All Shuttle products are sold with a 2-year warranty
  • The 3-year warranty applies to distributors and resellers and is available for certain barebone products
  • Shuttle complete systems with Windows operating system are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee for end users in form of the Pick-up-and-Return service

Please visit the Shuttle Reseller Program for detailed information.

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