2018-08-02 | 1.3-litre PC for 8th-gen Intel Core processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-08-02 – Following the launch of the first XPC cube for Intel’s latest processor generation, now the product family of XPC slim Mini-PCs in a 1.3-litre format welcomes a new member.

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2018-07-12 | Shuttle presents first XPC cube for the 8th generation of Intel Core processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-07-12 – the XPC cubes are the first models in the Shuttle range to benefit from the generation leap forward to Intel's latest processor models with a 14nm architecture (Coffee Lake). The SH370R6,

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2018-07-06 | Compact fanless PC with option for 4G data transmission

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-07-06 – There is already a long and successful tradition of fanless Mini-PCs at Shuttle. The XPC Barebone DL10J picks up on this and presents itself as a silent, energy-saving PC with a modern pro

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2018-06-26 | 1.3-litre PC with 4x HDMI 2.0 thanks to integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-06-26 - Shuttle’s product family of 1.3-litre PCs has a powerful new addition. As the first model in this format, the DH02U no longer relies solely on the graphics performance which is determined

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2018-01-09 | 3-litre PC with space for four 2.5" drives

Elmshorn, Germany, 09/01/2018 – 3-litre PCs are among the most flexible models in the wide array of space-saving computers. They can be equipped with powerful desktop processors and lots of memory while offering convenie

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2017-12-13 | The strikingly different Mini-PC: SZ270R9 with LED front panel

Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-12-13 – dare to be different, don't just follow the usual structured shapes and please, not just any dull look. The XPC cube SZ270R9 that is presented here is sure to leave a long-lasting impressi

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2017-09-27 | 43 millimetres: Mini-PC with HDMI 2.0 for latest Intel Core processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-09-27 – with the DH270, thanks to the Intel H270 chipset, an HDMI 2.0 port now also features on Shuttle Mini-PCs for socket LGA 1151 desktop processors. However, the model presented here has more

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2017-08-31 | SZ270R8: Powerful XPC cube supports Intel Optane technology

Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-08-31 – a new memory technology from Intel enables even shorter system and program starts. This now makes the XPC Barebone SZ270R8 from the XPC cubes series, which is now 16 years old, more agile

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2017-08-17 | 3-litre PC with slot for PCIe x16 expansion cards

Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-08-17 – the first 3-litre PC from Shuttle with a fully-fledged PCI Express x16 3.0 slot virtually spells the end of limitations. This is because almost any expansion card can now be fitted in the

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2017-07-06 | Shuttle upgrades XPC nano models with Kaby Lake processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 06/07/2017 – As the third generation of the "XPC nano" series, which was originally introduced in 2015, four new models are now being added to the product range. The seventh generation of Intel Core pr

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