SZ170R8V2 now with new features


Since its European launch in March 2016, the XPC SZ170R8 cube barebone has been extremely popular. It is ideal for gamers, offers a powerful workstation in offices or can act as a reliable server thanks to its support for up to four 3.5" drives.

Shuttle's top XPC model has been further enhanced

Seven months on, Shuttle is now making a few minor, but useful modifications. The SZ170R8V2 has now been launched in Europe and is now available from specialist retailers.

Like its SZ170R8 sister model, the SZ170R8V2 uses LGA1151 processors with up to 95 W performance, offers up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM and also meets most challenges with ease thanks to the latest generation of dual-slot graphics cards. Unlike its sister model, it has an M.2-2230 slot instead of the Mini-PCIe slot.

In order to expand its network capabilities, a second Intel Gigabit LAN port replaces the eSATA port at the rear, so that the SZ170R8V2 has a dual network connection for twice as fast or redundant data transmission.

WLAN ac and Bluetooth 4.0 are available for the SZ170R8V2 from the optional WLN-M accessory.

The Shuttle XPC cube Barebone SZ170R8V2 is available for EUR 303 (RRP ex VAT). Find the nearest retail outlet using the Shuttle StoreLocator. Alternatively, you will find a list here of major online stores in Europe that carry Shuttle products.

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