Shuttle simplifies its product names


The new NC01U is not only the smallest Mini-PC in our product range, it also represents a move to simpler product names and categories so that each model can be more easily identified. In future, these new categories will be used on the website, in advertisements, in the newsletter and, of course, in our datasheets and price lists.

XPC - this is the designation of the existing Shuttle Barebone concept, which was introduced with the SV24 in 2001. Since this time the classic XPC designation has been used for machines that comprise of an attractive chassis, a versatile Shuttle mainboard, a tailored CPU heatpipe cooling and a high-performance power supply unit. It was previously reserved solely for our largest chassis models such as the SH97R6 and SH170R6. Other products in our range did not bear the name XPC.

This is now changing. With the launch of the NC01U, all space-saving Shuttle Mini-PC products will now be grouped under the XPC brand. For the purpose of differentiation they are then further subdivided into the following segments: cube, slim, nano and all-in-one. Both barebones and complete systems are categorised in this way.


  • The full name of the Shuttle barebone model SH97R6 for example is XPC cube SH97R6, whereas with the complete system the model name SH97R6 is simply replaced by that of the complete system, in this case R6 9700H.
  • 3-litre and 1-litre models are grouped in the XPC slim category (fanless versions as well as those with an active cooling). XPC all-in-one includes all models with an integrated screen (mostly a touchscreen). The most recent category is the XPC nano. The NC01U is the first member of this category and is joined by its sister models the NC01U3, NC01U5 and NC01U7.
  • Accessories are identified in the product range as XPC accessories.

We trust that these changes will create a bit more transparency and clarity when looking for information to help decide on which Shuttle product to choose.

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