Do I have a complete system made by Shuttle?

Each complete system made by Shuttle has 3 or 4 distinctive features:

1. Shuttle warranty card
2. Detailed Shuttle specification label on carton
3. Label with so-called Shuttle ID
4. Shuttle Microsoft Windows COA licence (on devices with Windows operating system)

Where can I find the Shuttle ID?

For service purposes, the Shuttle ID is definitely required. It is usually located on a label on the bottom or back of your device. The clearly identified Shuttle ID can be found above the barcode label. It looks like this:

Please have this number ready when contacting us; it must be provided in case of an enquiry!

What if my number is not included?
The device purchased by you is not a complete system made by Shuttle. For warranty processing, please contact the relevant dealer you purchased the unit from.

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