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Dear Sirs, we are delighted to see that you offer our products for sale, and would be happy to support your marketing efforts. On our web site you will find our reseller program, which offers several innovative programs to that effect. We must however also ask that you take note of the conditions of use of our registered trademarks. Our name "Shuttle" stands for high quality products in the computer market. As you know, our "XPC" is a big success. It it as a result of critical importance that we continue to make sure that our brands are properly marketed, and that in particular our company name "Shuttle" and the "Shuttle logo" stand for our company. The manner in which our name and logo are used at the retail level are critical in these efforts. As a result, we have developed a Vision Identity System and will be happy to communicate its content to you so that you may use our logo in your advertisements in a manner that is consistent with its original intent. Please ask us for a copy of these guidelines, allowing both parties to benefit. The use of our name and logo "Shuttle" and our product name "XPC" are allowed only when they are used to refer to our company and our products. This means that neither other products, companies or retail outlets may be named "Shuttle" or "XPC" or contain either, in whole or in part, in their name, nor can an internet domain name incorporate these registered trademarks. Please get in touch with us if necessary. We are convinced that we can find a solution. Very sincerely yours, Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH
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