COM/LPT port expansion for X50V4/V5/V6

The Shuttle accessory PCL71 is compatible with the Shuttle XPC All-in-One X50V4, X50V5 and X50V6. It will add two serial (COM) and one parallel (LPT) port to the back panel of the PC.

  • Product
    Name: Shuttle Accessory PCL71
    UPC code: 887993800011
  • External ports
    2x Serial port RS232 *) (Sub-D, 9 pins, male)
    1x Parallel port (Sub-D, 25 pins, female)
    *) The serial port "COM 1" can also be switched to RS422/485 mode in the BIOS
  • Serial port as voltage source
    Both serial ports can provide an auxiliary voltage supply 
    of either 5V or 12V
  • Scope of delivery
    - Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
    - 4 screws
    - Ribbon cable
    - Type label sticker (Rating label)
    - Multi-language quick installation guide (EN, DE, FR)
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with the Shuttle XPC All-in-One X50V4, X50V5 and X50V6
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