Shuttle XPC Accessory H-RS232 - Serial Port Adapter (RS232)

With the help of this adapter, several Shuttle XPCs can be equipped with a serial RS232 port.
Doing so, a Sub-D connector is added to the backpanel which is connected to the serial interface on the mainboard.

Scope of delivery: 
Adapter with installation guide

External: Sub-D, 9 pins, male
Internal: 10-pin (2×5), female, 2.54mm pitch
9 pin ribbon cable, length: 32cm

This accessory is compatible with the 
Shuttle XPCs SA76R4, SH67H3, SH67H7, SH61R4, SZ68R5, SZ77R5, SX79R5, SH81R4, SH87R6, SZ87R6, SH97R6, SH110R4, SH170R6, SZ170R8, SZ170R8V2, SZ270R8, SZ270R9, SH310R4, SH370R6, SH370R8.

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