Cable for external push button switch

Some Shuttle XPCs have a handy connector at the back panel to connect an external power button. In case the XPC is installed in a scenario where it cannot be accessed directly, be it VESA-mounted or otherwise remotely installed, it can still be powered on or off conveniently by using an external push button switch. Shuttle therefore provides a 2-metre cable with fitting connections that only requires a push button switch.

  • Cable
    Shielded, industry-standard cable
    Length: ca. 2 metres
    Outer diameter: 6.5 mm
    Two-pole cable: 2x 0.34 mm²
    Colour: Black
  • Connector
    Dual header connector, 2.54 mm pitch
    Two female crimp contact pins, tin-plated
  • Required push button switch
    The cable provides tin-plated leads for a push button switch of your choice.
    The connection to the external power button can be screw-type or soldering.
  • Compatibility
    The cable can be used with the following Shuttle XPC models:
    XH310, XH310V, DS61, DS81, DS81L, DH110, DH110SE, DH170, DQ170, DH270, DH310, DH310S, DH370, DS47, DS407, DS407T, DS437, DS437T, DS57U Series, DS67U Series, DS68U, DS77U Series, DX30, DL10J
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