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Where and how can I clear CMOS?

All settings and parameters defined in BIOS are stored in CMOS. To delete these settings and reset CMOS, follow the instructions below.

The instructions show examples of where the button or jumper to clear your machine's CMOS is located on different models. If you can't find the button/jumper on your model, more detailed information on type and position can be found in the Quick Guide (QIG) that came with your machine.

Remove the mains plug and reset/press the jumper/button for approx. 10 seconds. You may need to use a pointed object such as a ballpoint pen to push the button. After clearing CMOS, start up the computer and load "Optimized Defaults" in BIOS, save and restart.

Clear CMOS jumper on the mainboard

Clear CMOS button on the back of the machine (small opening bottom right)

Clear CMOS button on the back of the machine (small opening top left)

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Why won’t my system boot after overclocking CPU Clock?

When overclocking the CPU FSB Clock, the memory frequency will also overclock at the same time. When overclocking make sure that you set the memory frequency to lower level, such that increases in FSB keep the memory frequency in a stable range. First deselect [Auto] for the “Memory Frequency For” as shown below. Try to set memory frequency to a lower level (ex. DDR 266 / 333).

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How to enable Wake On Lan on the X27D?

The X27D does not have a setting called Wake-On Lan in the Power Management Section of the BIOS. To enable this functionality, you need to search for a setting, within that section, called, “Power On By Ring,” as can be seen in the attachment.
Once this is enabled, the machine can be waken up when OFF. If using a Windows OS such as XP or Vista, make sure that you change the settings for your NIC card as described in this document, on a similar topic, the K45:
Wake-Up by PCI Card on KPC Using Windows Vista which is located in PDF form sy the following URL, on the bottom of the URL’s page:
Note that the Wake-On Lan procedure for the K45 on the, above, link may not be, necessarily, identical to the procedure required for the X27D, however, it should be similar and is meant to be used as an reference for setting the same functionality on the X27 and X27D series of Shuttle barebones.

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How To Troubleshoot a Computer That Does Not POST?

Sometimes it is difficult to know why a computer does not POST. A number of
things could be wrong with the system including the motherboard, power supply or components.

Please download the attachment.

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No POST Due to Damaged Capacitors.

There are many reasons why computers will not POST. One of those reasons is due to damaged capacitors. An early sign of a damaged capacitor would be a capacitor that is bulging or expanding. Eventually this will lead to the capacitor’s chemical compounds leaking out due to the excess expansion. When this happens, the device will fail whether it’s a motherboard, video card, etc.

A picture of a damaged video card in the pdf attachment shows where the capacitors have expanded so much that they have exploded causing leakage, device failure and no POST.

Please download the attachment below for graphical explanation.

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My HDTV is having overscan problem when playing back Blu-ray content.

When watching high-definition cable programming on an HDTV, you may notice that the TV set crop out test and station logos. This effect is the result of overscan, which HDTV makers often enable by default to eliminate the visually displeasing, flickering white bar of digital information that appears above HD programming. TV manufacturers choose the setting because most set-top boxes-cable and satellite alike-don’t hide the digital information well. However, it’s important to turn this feature off at times, especially when you are using a Blu-ray Disc player to watch 1080p content on a 1080p HDTV. If you don’t see every pixel you should see, you are not viewing a true 1920 by 1080 progressive-scan picture. The name of the viewing mode differs from brand to brand, but it’s commonly called Dot-by-Dot, Point-to-Point, Just, or simply Overscan Off. If you are shopping for a new HDTV, make sure that the set you want has the option to disable overscan mode; not all sets do.

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What do I do if my system fails to boot-up or hangs at POST?

The first thing to do is to shut down the system and clear CMOS with a jumper. Then check all hardware devices systematically, including CPU, RAM, VGA, AGP and power supply. Check that your CPU, RAM and AGP are supported by your system (DDR and AGP support list is only available for XPC). If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please contact your local reseller/retailer (point of purchase) for more directions, and if necessary send it in for service.

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How to create a bootable Thumb Drive to flash the bios?

1. You are going to need the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool:

2. You will need Windows 98 System Files to be able to boot in DOS:

3. Make Sure you download your Bios and AWDFLASH from the website: AWDFLASH is under ( UTILITY tab)

Please see attachment for full explanation.

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What does TempAG stand for?

"TempAG" is the marketing name of our XP17 display with Tempered glass and Anti-Glare coating.

TempAG = Tempered glass and Anti-Glare


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